Content Type HUB

Earlier we created a site content type that was specific to one site collection. What if a user has multiple site collections (example 50) and wants to publish a content type company wide. This is where you would use a Content Type HUB (a hidden site collection). If you are working on a hub site that publishes content types to other site collections, you can publish, republish, or unpublish content types centrally across all site collections.

Introduction to content types and content type publishing:

Because content types include metadata, content types and metadata are very closely linked. A Managed Metadata service in SharePoint makes it possible to publish a content type to the sites where it is used. Sites and site collections that are part of the Managed Metadata service are called “subscriber sites”.

A Managed Metadata service must be explicitly created and configured. To include content type publishing, the administrator specifies a specific site collection as a hub. Connected applications and site collections can subscribe to the content types on the hub. By configuring Managed Metadata services, you make it possible to centrally manage content types. Content types are created at the hub site, and any updates can be automatically distributed to the subscriber sites.

NOTE: You must be a Site Collection Administrator to manage content type publishing on a hub site

Using the Content Type HUB to publish content types:

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