Managed Navigation

Managed navigation is another out-of-the-box option that you can use to recreate the same sort of functionality as structural navigation.

The advantage of using managed metadata is that it is much faster to retrieve the data than using content by query to build the site navigation. Although it is much faster there is no way to security trim the results so if a user doesn’t have access to a given site, the link will still show but will lead to an error message.

Managed navigation


Easy to maintain


Not automatically updated to reflect site structure

In order to implement managed navigation, you need to have term store administrator permissions. By setting up terms with URLs that match the structure of a site collection, managed navigation can be used to replace structural navigation. is a simple site created with one Root site and five subsites under it.

To add managed navigation:

<- I created 5 terms for the 5 subsites

  1. Simple link or header: You can add the URL for your subsite here

  1. Term driven page with friendly URL: This navigation node will be a friendly URL to a term-driven page. Switch to the “Term-Driven Page” tab to configure more options for this node type