B2B Guest User deletion in Azure and SharePoint

Does deleting a guest user from the source tenant, delete it from the destination?

B2B Guest User deletion in Azure and SharePoint: Source Tenant: @hostexo.com Destination tenant: @support365.ml UMA@hostexo.com was invited to Support365.ml as a guest user. For this exercise we would like to check, if deleting UMA@hostexo.com from the source Azure AD, deletes it from the destination support365.ml UMA@hostexo.com is deleted from the source and is in deleted …

SharePoint Navigation – INTRODUCTION

SharePoint Navigation

The navigation links are a table of contents that shows what information is available on your site. When navigation links are done correctly on every page, they make it easy to browse the site, discover information, and return to previously viewed pages. As you build your site, you want to make sure site navigation is clear and simple for your users.