Attach a file to Outlook

Attaching a file to Outlook.

There are 2 ways to attach a file to OUTLOOK:

  1. From Web locations (OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online document libraries or other locations)
  • Draft a new email > select “Attach File” > choose from the online locations > browse to the file
  • This will attach the file that you selected to Outlook
  • This is what you will see:

  • Note that the file retains the location and thus it also retains the permissions that were associated to it. This would check for permissions and thus prompt the end user to authenticate using a username and password.
  • This is a new feature of Outlook and has been added due to our users’ request.
  • You can change the permissions that were assigned on that file if you have permissions to do so.

  • If you would like this file to be an offline copy click the drop down beside the file > “Attach as Copy”
  • You would now have an offline copy of the file and this would not prompt for authentication.
  • Note the cloud icon on the file is missing.
  1. From your PC (browse this PC – Local files)
  • If the files are not in O365 (SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business) it will attach as a regular Offline file.
  • If the files are on the PC however are from a Mapped Network drive or OneDrive for Business (Sync desktop Location) we would use the steps listed above as they act as “Web Locations”
  • Attach the file to Outlook > Click the drop down > Attach as a Copy