Exporting a Mailbox via eDiscovery – Exchange Admin Center

In-Place eDiscovery in Exchange Online: Exporting a Mailbox via eDiscovery


  • Browser: Internet Explorer
  • Member of the following RBAG Groups: Compliance Management and Discovery Management
  • Mailbox Import/Export Role needs to be added in the Discovery Management RBAG Group

  • Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) > Permissions
  • Compliance Management > Edit > Members (towards the bottom) > Add your account there > Save
  • Discovery Management > Edit > Roles > Add the Mailbox Import/Export Role
  • Discovery Management > > Edit > Members (towards the bottom) > Add your account there > Save
  • These permissions will take approximately 10 minutes to replicate.
  • Once done navigate to Compliance management. You would eventually see the following icons:

Now that our prerequisites are met lets create an eDiscovery search and export the results.

  • Navigate to the “Compliance Management” tab > in-place eDiscovery & hold > “+” New
  • Give the search a Name > Next > Specify a Mailbox to search (Select the mailbox)
  • You can then choose to “Include all content” or “Filter based on criteria”

  • Filter based on criteria will give you additional control of what needs to be found.
  • You can select a date range, From, To or Message type

  • Once your search is complete you will something similar to the following:
  • Click on the download button > select a location on your desktop > save
  • The Export process will take time.
  • Once the export is done you can view the results/emails by attaching the .pst file to Outlook.

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