How to manage data in ADLS Directories

Rename, Download, Delete Data present in ADLS

GUI >>

  • Navigate to the ADLS Data Explorer (left pane)

  • Upload Data: Click on the “Upload” icon in the screenshot above, which will take you to the upload manager screen. You can upload your data to Data Lake Storage Gen1 directly at the root level, or to a directory that you created.

  • Preview, Rename, Download, Delete Data : Navigate to the file > click on the 3 ellipses.

PowerShell >>

$myrootdir = "/"

Upload a file:

To suppress the warning while running ‘Import-AzDataLakeStoreItem’ run this first:

Set-Item Env:\SuppressAzurePowerShellBreakingChangeWarnings "true"

Import-AzDataLakeStoreItem -AccountName "adls storage name" -Path 'C:\FilePath\data.csv' -Destination "$myrootdir\folder_name\data.csv"

Rename a file:

Move-AzDataLakeStoreItem -AccountName "adls storage name" -Path "$myrootdir\folder_name\data.csv" -Destination "$myrootdir\folder_name\data101.csv"

Download a file:

Export-AzDataLakeStoreItem -AccountName "adls storage name" -Path "$myrootdir\folder_name\data101.csv" -Destination "C:\FilePath\data101.csv"

Delete a file:

Remove-AzDataLakeStoreItem -AccountName "adls storage name" -Paths "$myrootdir\folder_name\data101.csv" -force

Delete multiple files:

Remove-AzDataLakeStoreItem -AccountName "adls storage name" -Paths "$myrootdir\folder_name\data.csv", "$myrootdir\folder_name\data101.csv" -Force