Move azure subscriptions from one tenant to another

How to move an azure subscription from one tenant to another

If you already have an active Azure subscription, skip the first part.

  • For this exercise we will be using 2 tenants. We will be moving the Azure subscription from the source tenant ( to the destination tenant (
    1. Source Tenant:
    2. Destination Tenant:
  • Your Subscription is associated with  tenant (, let’s start bymoving the subscription from one tenant to another tenant (
  • We need to add the Destination tenant directory ( to the Source Directory (
  • To add the destination directory ( the user in the source directory (, needs to be added to the destination directory ( as an Azure B2B Guest user.
  • After this the user in the source directory (, will be able to switch directories to the destination directory (

Invite the user as a B2B guest: 

  • Sign in to the destination directory ( via > Azure Active Directory > Users > New Guest User

  • You can also do this via PowerShell


New-AzureADMSInvitation -InvitedUserDisplayName “Name of the User” -InvitedUserEmailAddress -InviteRedirectURL -SendInvitationMessage $true

  • Once the user is added as a guest > Navigate to the source directory ( > Click on the Profile Picture > Switch directory >
  • If you see the other Destination Directory (, you know that another directory is added.
  • Then navigate to the subscriptions tab in the source directory (
  • Click on “Change Directory”
  • Select the directory that you want to move this subscription to, Destination Directory ( > Change:
  • This process will take approx. 5 minutes and then the subscription will be moved to the Destination Directory (

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