B2B Guest User deletion in Azure and SharePoint

Does deleting a guest user from the source tenant, delete it from the destination?

B2B Guest User deletion in Azure and SharePoint: Source Tenant: @hostexo.com Destination tenant: @support365.ml UMA@hostexo.com was invited to Support365.ml as a guest user. For this exercise we would like to check, if deleting UMA@hostexo.com from the source Azure AD, deletes it from the destination support365.ml UMA@hostexo.com is deleted from the source and is in deleted …

Global Outlook Signature

A global signature is like a regular signature however it’s managed by your company. This is not a disclaimer that gets appended towards the end of every email.

Selective Licensing

Selective License

Selective Licensing | Remove a particular license from a user account: When you sign up for an O365 subscription, it often clubs multiple services together. For example: I have the E3 subscription so if I assign an “Office 365 Enterprise E3” license to a user, the user will get the all the services available in …